Excitement is in the air

Excitement is in the air!



Spectators are captivated by planes and pilots that perform seemingly impossible aerial maneuvers with ease and grace.

Both adults and children alike love the airplanes, and the chance to get up close and touch these modern marvels of flight.

According to the International Council of Air Shows, attendance at shows in the first three months of 2015 was up on average about 20% over 2014.

2014 statistics show air shows are the second highest publicly attended event in North America, second only to NASCAR.

Brent Handy is a Canadian air show pilot who offers you an opportunity to put your brand centre stage – in a way that your customers will never forget!

Air shows are the second highest publicly attended event in North America, second only to NASCAR.

Brent’s flying experience & genuine personality make him ideally suited as a brand ambassador

Who is Brent Handy?

A High-Performance, Low-Maintenance Performer

Brent is an unrestricted, surface-rated aerobatic pilot. His air show journey began in 2012 when he flew in the opposing solo position for the Canadian Forces Snowbirds.

Currently flying the Pitts Special at air shows across Canada and the United States, Brent also maintains a full time career on active duty with the Royal Canadian Air Force as a training and standards pilot, responsible for the Snowbirds. Brent has served as a military flying instructor and also as a CF-18 Hornet fighter pilot.

Low Altitude

High Energy!


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“It’s clear that if the jets are the Formula One racers in the air, Handy’s [Pitts] is the muscle car.”
– Brady Slater
Reporter for the Duluth News Tribune. Duluth Air & Aviation Expo 2014

“Brent was fantastic and put me right at ease. He has young kids like mine and was very friendly. He told me that it was okay to scream and that he was afraid of heights too.”
– Louise Chapman
VIP Flight Passenger Abbotsford Intl Air Show 2014

“Brent just has this personality that sets you at ease and makes you realize you are in good hands.”
– Tamara Goyette
VIP Flight Passenger Abbotsford Intl Air Show 2014

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