Meet the team

Pilot – Brent Handy

When a child has a dream, and wants something so deeply in their soul, anything is possible. Every detail of their life becomes aligned with achieving their goal. Family gathers in support. True friends are separated from the rest. And when born in a nation so rich with opportunity, the impossible becomes reality!

This has been Brent’s story.

Born in small town Wyevale, Ontario, Brent knew from a young age that he wanted to spend his time in the air. Brent’s early flight training was earned through the Air Cadet program. His first solo was in an Air Cadet glider, at age 16. Ten years later, Brent’s dream of becoming a CF-18 Hornet pilot was a reality. And through a fortunate series of events, he was selected to fly as a team pilot with the renowned Canadian Forces Snowbirds jet team in 2011.

Following his tour with the Snowbirds in 2012 / 2013, Brent took his air show career to the next level. Purchasing a beautiful Pitts S-2, he had the good fortune of polishing his aerobatic prowess with air show legend Wayne Handley.

2019 will mark Brent’s 6th season as an unrestricted, surface-rated aerobatic performer. Expect an adrenaline-filled, heart-pumping series of tumbles, torque rolls, and loops. The Pitts Special is THE air show airplane to inspire young and old to pursue their passions!



“Brent just has this personality that sets you at ease and makes you realize you are in good hands.”
– Tamara Goyette
VIP Flight Passenger Abbotsford Intl Air Show 2014

Wingman – Todd Farrell


In 2018, Todd purchased a Pitts S-2B in order to extend Brent’s reach to eastern North America.  Since then, Todd had the opportunity to receive training from Steve Wolf, and with Brent’s mentorship, he has quickly acquired the skills to join the airshow display team!

Todd has an incredible amount of flying experience, having flown the gamut of aircraft from gliders to the gigantic C-17 Globemaster!

Building on his experience as a jet pilot instructor in the RCAF, Todd and Brent will launch their two-plane formation aerobatic display in 2019!  Stay tuned for more details!!

Crewman – Wade Bowman


Flying air shows safely and professionally requires skill and teamwork.  The ground crewman’s main responsibilities include preparing the aircraft and passengers for flight as well as solving various logistical challenges so that Brent is free to focus on his performance and his fans.

Brent has been supported from the beginning of his air show career by his long time friend, Wade Bowman.  The two met in 1999 while undergoing military officer training in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.

After receiving his military pilot’s wings, Wade logged several thousand hours as a P-3 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft commander before moving to the private sector.

Wade is currently employed as a First Officer at Air Canada, flying the Boeing 737 MAX.